What is a Group RRSP (Registered Retirement Saving Plan)?

A Group RSP is a collection of individual RSPs where a company or organization has agreed to sponsor the group. It allows employees to contribute to their RSP through payroll deductions and employers may choose to match some or all of the contributions.

What are the benefits of a Group RSP?
check markIt can help your employees save for retirement, while potentially boosting morale and motivation.
check markYou can use a Group RSP to attract, as well as reward and retain, valuable employees.
check markLow costs and easy to administer.
check markYou have a choice as to whether you want to match your employees' contributions or not.

 Give your employees more ….

Our group plan experts currently are available to help you to design a customized plan depending on the size of the group, your objectives of the plan sponsor and the benefit plan budget.

We can save money for your company immediately without changing your current benefits' provider.


Please contact us for your no-obligation consultation. We look forward to helping you and your family! 


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